Hyster S1.5S IL SOLGT

Årsmodell: 2018, Pris: 136 000 NOK

Hyster S1.5S IL SOLGT

Basis informasjon
MerkeHyster S1.5S IL SOLGT
Pris eks. MVA136 000 NOK
MVA (25%)34 000 NOK
Pris inkl. MVA170 000 NOK
Antall tidligere eiere0
Full service historikkJa
Sist godkjent (dato):2020
Tilstand (1=dårlig-5=best):condition iconcondition iconcondition iconcondition iconcondition icon  5/5
Stabler TypeStå-på
Serie/VIN nummerC442T03450S
Maks løftekapasitet1 500 kg
Løftehøyde4 168 mm
Friløft1 406 mm
Kjørehøyde2 577 mm
LøftemastDuplex / friløft
Gaffellengde1 160 mm
Motor1 stk vekselstrømmotor
Effekt4 kW
Batteri fabrikatMidac
Batteri spenning24 V
Batteri kapasitet375 Ah
Batteri år/måned2018
LaderprodusentIntegrert lader
Laderspenning24 V
Ladestrøm60 A
Utstyr✓ Intelligent overvåking av maskins elektronikk, hvor eventuelle feil lagres til utlesning
ved serviceinspeksjoner.
✓ Digitalinstrument med timeteller, serviceovervåking av hydraulikk, kjøremotor,
bremser og batteri.
✓ Advarselshorn
✓ Hovedbryter
✓ Initial lift

Superior performance, exceptional reliability and a low cost of operation.

Increased productivity thanks to powerful acceleration and travel speeds up to 6km/h (pedestrian) and 8.5km/h (standing), which can be limited to suit the application.

Class leading lowest energy consumption makes the Hyster® Platform Stacker one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market.
Fast lifting and lowering speeds with height options of up to 6m. Two stage NFL/FFL and three stage FFL masts are available with options to handle open and closed pallets (with straddle legs and FEM forks configuration).

The compact design allows ease of operation and turning in smaller aisles.

Operators have excellent visibility through the mast thanks to the uniquely designed profiles that reduce the total mast channel width. The lift cylinders are also positioned for optimum visibility meaning operators can clearly see the load arms when collecting and depositing loads.

Comfortable to use with a tiller design that is easy to control, making it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces, particularly in a trailer. The large foldable platform offers excellent grip and the side arms are designed for protection and comfort.

For travel over uneven floors, door sills and/or ramps, three models feature initial lift.

Built with a robust base frame and battery cover, sealed connectors, greased for life load rollers in the mast and a highly reliable electrical system, operators can depend on the new Hyster® Platform Stacker.

Adjustable performance settings to suit the application.

The built-in diagnostic system and CANbus technology provides enhanced functionality and reliability, and helps minimise servicing requirements.

The stacker is easy to service and features quick remove covers. The service interval of the hydraulic oil and filter is 3000h or 3 years and there is a standard warranty of 24 months.

There are many options to suit specific applications including key and keypad start system, several fork lengths, cold store protection, a wide range of drive wheels, Pedestrian Awareness Light, many battery and charging variants and much more.
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